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Why to choose our office.

We provide the highest quality medical care, personalized treatment by highly qualified staff.

.The Dermatology Clinic of Dr. Tzovara Stefanou has as its central guide the man - patient. The modern way of life and the intense daily life are expressed on our skin.

The ultimate specialization in dermatology

We take care of the skin
It is important to give it the necessary attention and care, because a healthy and youthful skin will give us, among other things, well-being, appetite for life and confidence to achieve our daily goals.
Personalized treatments
We believe that each person is unique for this and our primary goal is to both maintain and improve the characteristics that make us who we are. The next day the mirror will still show us but several years back.
Safe and responsible
Our main and non-negotiable concern is the safety of the patient's health and the bloodless and painless treatment of all kinds.
 TZOVARAS STEFANOS member of the Medical Association of Athens

TZOVARAS STEFANOS member of the Medical Association of Athens


Medical CV

Dr. Stefanos Tzovaras studied medicine at the University of Vienna in Austria (Medical University of Vienna) where he was educated in one of the best university dermatology departments in the world where he excelled.
He has completed his PhD in Plastic Surgery at the University of Vienna in Austria, then trained in General Medicine at the Wilhelminenspital in Vienna and obtained the title of General Medicine.
He returned to Greece where he continued his training in Dermatology-Venereology at PGNA "Evangelismos", and obtained the title of Dermatologist-Venereologist
He specializes in the removal of benign and malignant skin lesions in the dermatology department and in the plastic and reconstructive surgery department of PGNA "Evangelismos". During his career he gained many years of experience in the field of aesthetic medicine.