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Tattoo removal

Get rid of unpleasant tattoos.

In our practice we have two state-of-the-art Laser devices that work in very short times (picosecond) thus achieving maximum results in just a few sessions.
small particles which are phagocytosed and then eliminated from the skin.

At the same time we apply the technique of mechanical dermabrasion where the use of laser can not be applied.
The choice of laser method (type of machine and head) or invasive removal, depends on the type of tattoo, its size and age, but also on the type of skin of the patient, while possible contraindications for one method or the other. Before the application, it is necessary the examination by the doctor who must decide the method that will be followed safely and that of course he will apply it himself, so that we can remove the Tattoo without causing problems to our skin.




With the proven effective mechanical method of dermabrasion, the upper protective layer of the skin, the epidermis, is removed. Dermabrasion has been used since the 60's and has been evaluated as the most effective treatment.
The application is always done under local anesthesia. In addition, medications are given to prevent excessive bleeding during treatment. The skin must be under tension during application and for this reason a special ice spray can be used. Swelling, redness or liquid sores are expected after such treatment and are not a sign of complications.
It is an effective method for tattooing even the most difficult types e.g. deep professional-multicolored, and only one application is needed to remove the color.